Where the idea for this site came from

Recently I was chatting to mate over WhatsApp about the cars we used to own when we were teenagers. He spent about an hour routing out old photos of that time and I suddenly realised, through various house moves and dead laptops, I pretty much had nothing to look back on myself.

I wished at that moment I had created a blog for a series of posts of each car I had owned, photos of trips I had taken and mapping the cycling routes I had clocked up.

Social media doesn’t cut it. Insta, Facebook, Twitter etc. could all be wiped off the face of the internet some day and my memories are still lost. How many time has Facebook changed in the past 5 years alone and what the hell is this Metaverse crap about.

So that’s what this is, a digital diary of sorts for my memories and cool shit.

What you’ll find here

  • 🚗 Car stuff. I love cars, the places they take you, the freedom they give and the pure joy of just driving. I always associate places I have been with the vehicles that got me there. I’m going to document ownership of any car I have so I can look back on them in years to come and remember the individual character of each one of them as well as the places they took me.
  • 🚴 Some cycling stuff. I found cycling back in 2009 when I was in college. I’m currently in Spain and my bike is in Ireland, so that is an issue but I want to collect it in the coming months and start training for some epic rides in European mountains.
  • ⛰️ Other stuff. You might have spotted a trend, but tieing everything together is my insatiable appetite for adventure. Be it in the car, on the bike, hiking… I just want to get out, go on a road trip to cool places and take some photos to remember it all.
  • 🤷 Who knows what else. Expect photos of my dogs, coffee and weird beers cos… life is too short for no dogs, no coffee and no beer. Am I right!

Want to know more or just chat?

  • 🐦 Twitter: I’m pretty active on Twitter, I’m usually on there 3 or 4 times a day and it’s the only social media app which I have notifications turned on for. I use Instagram a little as well. Screw Facebook.
  • 📨 Email: If it’s a bit longer than Twitter is good for, send me an email to iamparaic at gmail dot com. I check my email periodically during the day, so it should take me longer than a few hours to get back to you.
  • ☕ Real chats: I miss meeting people now that COVID is a real thing, so if anyone wants to have a chat about any of the stuff I write about here, or even just what your fav coffee is this month, email me or tweet me. If we can meet in real life, I’ll even buy you coffee (or a beer, or water, whatever is your jam*).

*drinking jam would be weird, wouldn’t it? 😂 Fuck it, I’m not one to judge.


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