My Passion Project Experiment: is now a thing!

I literally spend all my time doing shit that I don’t like. Working. (Ok work is actually pretty good, but you know what I mean!) Cleaning. Ugh. Waking up. Double ugh! I decided I needed to spend some time “working” on something that I really loved, and not something that I HAD to do. If it was a project that I could experiment with some of my professional skills on, learn something new and enjoy

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WordPress Speed Experiment: Making this WordPress site faster as I build it

This was an experiment for me to see if I could get this site a 90% or better score on GT Metrics. Ideally, I want to get the page load speed below 3 seconds, but I’ll take somewhere close to that. I have never optimised a site for speed before, but I always wanted to see what differences various changes would make to a sites performance. So I decided to optimise this site AS I

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