My Passion Project Experiment: is now a thing!

I literally spend all my time doing shit that I don’t like.

Working. (Ok work is actually pretty good, but you know what I mean!)

Cleaning. Ugh.

Waking up. Double ugh!

I decided I needed to spend some time “working” on something that I really loved, and not something that I HAD to do. If it was a project that I could experiment with some of my professional skills on, learn something new and enjoy the time I dedicate to it, all the better!

I had a couple of choices;

  • Something based around watersports like kitesurfing or sailing. Whenever I am asked what my dream job is, I always say teaching kitesurfing on a beach in southern Spain, so this would be close to my heart.
  • Something to do with cycling, like a resurgence of website I built some time ago, This had some success with brands sending me items to review, so this was sounding like a winner. A quick rebrand would be in order, but I had a database of industry pro’s to reach out to already.
  • Lastly, I am more than slightly obsessed with cars. I’ve had a few classic minis and I am forever looking at, reading about and fantasising about cars. I’ve always wanted to be more involved in the industry in some way. Maybe a car blog or some sort would be fun…

I thought about this for a few weeks before eventually registering sometime around November 2019.

I don’t know what it is or what I was going to post about, but I just wanted to start, sure that something would evolve from nothing sooner rather than later. There is absolutely zero plan here.

First off, I set up the relevant social channels and “growth hacked” a Twitter and Instagram audiance. I didn’t bother with Facebook for now, it takes more effort than I am willing to give it and this was a passion project not a business (yet).

Life got busy for a while and this was starting to feel like work, so I put it on pause. Not to everyone who thinks their social audinece will evaporate if they don’t post daily, I took almost 6 months off posting to this audienace and when I started again it was as if nothing had changed.

Time to build. Update 1 – June 2020

That brings us up to today. Now, to build a site.

After taking some time away from this project I knew I had limited time to spend on it, so simple was the aim of the game. I had a quick browse of the WordPress popular theme section and picked one that looked simple and clean, displaying tiles of posts on the front page with a logo header above.

Perfect, no fuss, just content and branding. That will do for now.

I installed Elementor Pro, but have yet to utilise it.

Next up, some content. I had an idea of what I wanted the tone of this site to be from the get-go. I didn’t want it to be “professional”. I also thought it would make a fun series of posts if I posted weekly about what cars I was looking at in the classified. A perfect non-professional name for that was needed. Simple!

You can read more about that on the site. 😉

I’m throwing in some news articles as well as my weekly horn post, just to bulk up the content of the site, but I don’t really see this as the purpose of this project. I’m also on the fence about reviewing new cars. The segment is a bit boring, so if I can think of a way to spice it up maybe I’ll look into that more.

Now, all I have to do is create posts every week. Wish me luck.

Update 2 – Coming soon (probably)