Current Projects

1) My full-time job

I’m the Marketing Buff for WP Buffs. We are fully distributed, meaning we work remotely from all corners of the globe. It’s pretty awesome. 🤓

I searched for 2 years for a remote job. TWO YEARS. When this one came along, the entire process was so easy I knew it was the right place to be.

2) This blog

I want this to be a place where I talk about ideas, test things and document what happens and most of all, talk shite as we say in Ireland.

I looked up how long I have this domain… 8 years as of typing this. That’s how long I have been “developing” my blog. Gotta be some kind of record right? 🤷‍♂️

3) is my first attempt at making some type of business from my passion. It doesn’t really know what it is yet, but that will evolve over the next year or two! 🚗

I spend a lot of time working and doing things I don’t “love”, so this is an escape from that. Even if it never makes money, I’ll keep it up just for the love of it.

4) What’s next?

More soon my internet nerd friends, sooooooon

Remember it took me 8 years to make this site, so I may never get to finish anything ever again. 😂

I’m obviously joking. I think…